Why do you need AMP for your Shopify store?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a project initiated by Google in 2016, that's focused on putting mobile performance first.

AMP for Shopify

Statcounter shows that 52.03% of web visitors were on mobile phones in November 2019 as compared to 45.17% on desktop computers. With more and more people going mobile-first, AMP is becoming a popular choice among bloggers and e-commerce industry, for attracting visitors by providing seamless and swift results.

For the starters, AMP works similarly to the standard webpages and also open in desktops with a speedy response. Few noteworthy benefits of AMP are;

  1. Performance: AMP pages rank higher with better metrics like page views, conversion rate, and bounce rates.
  2. Google prefers mobile-friendly results: Because of this preference from Google, your mobile-first AMP pages are shown above other regular sites. This boosts visibility!
  3. Clicks: The numbers of clicks increase in search results due to the lightning bolt icon.
  4. Conversion rates: The mobile conversion rates get better due to instant page loads.

Now, with AMP for Shopify by Superchargify, Shopify shop owners can add AMP to their stores with a few clicks and enjoy these benefits!

Superchargify - AMP + PWA Overview

Superchargify is a free Shopify app focusing on mobile enhancement, better conversions & web presence. AMP boosts search ranking with instant page loads and reduces loading time on non-AMP pages using PWA. PWA also offers preloading capabilities with an option to install the Shopify store as an app on Android and iOS for your loyal customers!

Apart from the free plan, Superchargify also provides a 7-day risk-free trial of Basic ($9/m) and Pro ($19/m) plans.

Few noteworthy benefits of Superchargify are;

  • Ultimate all-in-one AMP + PWA solution for your store
  • Super customizable features to match your branding
  • Natively supports products, collections, blog posts, and reviews
  • Intelligent product suggestions & precaching
  • App Shell with asset precaching for your non-AMP store
  • Integration with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Facebook Pixel

To learn more about AMP for Shopify, please head over to superchargify.com/features/amp-for-shopify.

To visit Superchargify on Shopify app store, please head over to apps.shopify.com/superchargify.

For the full list of features, please head over to superchargify.com.

For frequently asked questions, please head over to superchargify.com/faq.

For any assistance, please reach out to us via live chat widget or email us at [email protected].