Add Custom CSS to your AMP pages

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of Custom CSS feature for Superchargify AMP!

Custom CSS for AMP on Shopify with Superchargify

For background, we've been working on revamping the complete user experience on Superchargify for quite some time now, from handling of PWA to customization on AMP. While it is a big leap for our platform, we want to serve you with our best features continuously.

Enter Custom CSS;

Each business is unique and requires a different language of style to express its nature. Custom CSS is the solution for that. This feature was requested numerously by our customers, and has a lot of potentials!

We have two flavors of Custom CSS available for you;

  • Store-wide Custom CSS: Applies Custom CSS to all the products, collections & blog posts.
  • Resouce-level Custom CSS: Applies Custom CSS on a resource level, so that you can style different products differently.

Here's how we've incorporated this feature into our current Dashboard. You can find this under AMP › Settings.

Custom AMP on Superchargify

This feature will give more power to your AMP pages, and we cannot wait to see what you make using it!

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